Don't Let Fear and Depression Rule the Day

I have wanted to write a book for years. I have tried several times from 2014 to start. I will get a few thousand words down and then it starts. That voice in my head. The one that I always dread to hear.

For a long time, I didn't know he was saying or why he would show up. But he always did. I have really listened to him this time. I now hear what he is saying loud and clear.

"What do you have to say that is worthy of a book?"

"All you do is just regurgitate what smart people have already said?"

"No one will buy a book written by YOU!"

"You should just give up you know it will fail anyway."

As I listened to this a theme became clear. It was doubt. The self-doubt that I was a fraud. It was me telling myself that I am just an impostor. I have no new or original ideas.

It is something that I think so many of us face when we try to do something new. We get in our heads and allow the fear to take over. We see all the ways we will fail before we even get out of the gate. Then we just give up and settle back into the rut. We go back to our old ways, the comfortable ways. The well-worn path that we know so well. There is no failure in this path.

There is no challenge in that path either. There is no growth, change, courage, or win in that path. If you want to make a change in your life you have to overcome that fear and doubt. If you want to find a way to not be so angry all the time you have to be willing to find a new path. That is the only way you can win.

The key to this is we have to be willing to share what we want with others. Tell your wife, husband, fiancé, children, mom, dad, siblings, aunt, uncle, really anyone who will listen to what you are doing. Tell them you are trying to learn a new way to communicate. Ask them to help you be accountable to this new path. It is almost impossible to make a journey of this magnitude alone.

It can be scary to put yourself out there like that. To know that if you fail everyone will know. What I have found is no one wishes to see others fail. We all want to see those closes to us succeed. We want to cheer them on to there goal.

So back to what I said at the start of this post. That is why I am telling you all here that I am trying to write my book again. This time I am telling all of you about it. I am asking you all to help keep me motivated. To cheer for me and my success. To be in my corner win or fail.

I want to do the same for you. Tell me what it is you want to do. What do you want to achieve or overcome? We can cheer for each other. We can share in the joy of the win. We can morn in the pain of failure. In the end, we can celebrate our collective win as we find success in our goal.

I am going to create a page in the forum and I ask anyone who has something they want to work on, whether it is to learn to communicate better, start a new project, or just find the joy of everyday life again to join me there so we can do it together.

Here is the link. Join me and together we can do great things.

© 2020 by The Anger Guru

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